Rescuing children through serving moms.

Every 30 seconds in America, an innocent preborn child loses his or her life to abortion.

That’s approximately 3,000 children killed each and every day… and over 62 million since 1973... all while our society sits idly by.

We, humans, are endowed with special privileges from our Creator, but we don’t have the right to determine the value of other people. And we certainly don’t have the right to kill them.

Abortion can become unthinkable and unnecessary in America again. 

But it is going to take people using their voice to speak up in defense of those who cannot speak for themselves, preborn children.

Each day, Human Coalition is serving alongside pro-life heroes like you to make this possible across our great nation. The reality is, we can’t do this without YOU.

The oppressed in this fight for LIFE are silent. As they develop in the womb, they cannot speak up to defend themselves. Respond to the URGENT nationwide poll today and let us know where you stand.

They need your voice to show the world that they are not just “tissue” or a meaningless group of “cells,” but real human beings, from conception to birth.

They need you to speak on their behalf. Respond to the URGENT nationwide poll today and let us know where you stand! Should we ban late-term abortion in America?

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This nomination marks the first time since 2006 that a president has put forth a staunch pro-life judge for the U.S. Supreme Court. There’s no doubt that putting Judge Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court will make a long-lasting and significant impact on our fight to protect the preborn.

Just consider the issues potentially at stake:

  • The fetal heart beat laws and the abortion clinic regulations that have been struck down by many lower courts could be up for review.
  • And the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act currently moving through the Senate could be more likely to remain intact if another pro-life justice is added to the U.S. Supreme Court.

So much is at stake with this nomination, which is why your Senators must hear from you now.

Sign our petition to the U.S. Senate today, and demand that they confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch for the U.S. Supreme Court.