How can we finally end abortion in America

The answer begins with taking down Planned Parenthood.

They are the "glue" holding the entire abortion industry together. Without Planned Parenthood, the rest of the abortion industry would not be able to thrive like it is right now. 

Since Roe v. Wade was overturned, Planned Parenthood has raised more money (4,000% increase in donations), spent a historic amount on lobbying ahead of the recent mid-term elections, they're already preparing to expand and open a new clinic in Missouri -- the first state that banned abortions after Roe fell, they're successfully expanding access to the dangerous abortion pill (which is responsible for 54% of abortions now), and last year PP increased the number of abortions they performed by 8.5% (according to their own annual report). 

Some have even called them the "kingpin" of the abortion industry. And with more than 40% of abortions in America happening at their hands (more than 383,000 per year), it's clearly true. 

So how does the pro-life movement take out a giant like Planned Parenthood, and finally bring about the real end of abortion in America? 

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